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Hi there!

Let's see... what's happened?

Well, first and foremost I just got a job, but not with cards. Oh, and I had to assist with some family issues, too...

Anyway, seems that a good amount of the card stuff is put on hold. I don't even have the real time to mess with the website.

Also, here's some design-stuff from the previous projects and where they are now

  • Unofficial MLPDCG: Pretty much shuttered indefinitely, if you're just reading the page for some reason. The official game (of which I had zero involvement, sorry) is out. While I have some criticisms (namely that it's a very slightly tweaked Star Trek CCG 2nd Edition), it really doesn't matter so long as people play it. Then again, the Hasbro execs are slowly killing the show and the writers can only do so much to keep it afloat themselves.
  • League of Legends DCG: While I did manage to fix the "burst beats all" situation, the game is still quite complex and not very user friendly... sorta like an actual MOBA. The "knowledge" requirement in particular is still far too high for it to work as a card game, and while I would like to revisit the concept in the future it would be an enormous undertaking.
  • Alternis: Well, I do still want to try and get this out there, but there's the snowballing concerns and having matches being somewhat decided before games begin (and that's even after taking out Location Effects). This will be slow going, and updates will be few and far between, but I will eventually get this done. Just... Soon.
Also, Transistor is fantastic and I really want to make a One Shot CCG for it...
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Adran06 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014
I'm still paying attention Age. At the very least I occasionally check the sites (both your new one and the original) to see if there is any news of interest.
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July 4, 2014