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- Updates the plugin to the latest version of Lackey. Some backend stuff of Lackey's was changed and it caused some weirdness to some users.

- Adds [Pinkie Draw] and [Pinkie Earn an Apple] buttons, to help with Pinkie Pie players. You still have to reverse top/bottom instructions manually, but that's the easy part. Remember, either play may look at the bottom card of your book at any time so long as Pinkie Pie is face-up.

- Added buttons for Next Phase and Next Turn.

- If you were playing by the old rules, they are now obsolete. Use… instead. The biggest change is the Draw Step. Rules are subject to change anytime.

- The following cards were changed or balanced.
Buff = :bulletgreen:
Nerf = :bulletred:
Balanced = :bulletblue:
Changed = :bulletpurple:


:bulletpurple:Rarity - Changed effect to "Once per turn, during your draw step, you may pick up the top card of your book and place it either at the top or bottom of your book before you draw.", in line with the new Draw Step rules. Technically, it's a nerf but in some situations and decks is a buff.

:bulletgreen:006-S1E01 [Entering Ponyville] - Apple Cost reduced to zero.
:bulletred:015-S1E01 [Bucket of Apples] - Apple Cost Increase changed from two to three. (meant to be in v1.03, carddata missed it; now properly added to game)
:bulletred:040-S1E01 [Nightmare Spiral] - Given [Apples Eaten: 1] Keyword.

:bulletred:029-S1E02 [Nightmare Made Reality] - Given [Apples Eaten: 1] Keyword.

:bulletred:002-S2E14 [Thunder Pony] - Additional discard condition. Also, a slight correction.

- Officially started Unity Engine planning for eventual replacement of LackeyCCG. Programmers, 2D Artists (to help me with menus), and 3D artists (Field presentation) are needed.
  • Playing: MLP:CCG in LackeyCCG
Trivial1888 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012
Yay for new Rarity!
masterage Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
I like this effect much better than either of her old ones... works well with her uniques, her in-show personality, and the scope of the entire card game.

And fitting in with what I did before, her old effect will likely become a card itself.
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Submitted on
April 14, 2012