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Lightning Made CCG - Steven Universe (2 Hours) by masterage
Lightning Made CCG - Steven Universe (2 Hours)
Steven Universe is made by Rebecca Sugar and owned by Cartoon Network.
I make no claim to any characters, names, or likenesses.
This work does not replace, nor is it intended to be, any official product. No money has been made.
My work is transformative by design.

Please note that this card, as a Lightning Made, does not indicate the existence of other cards or dedication to this project going further.
Each of these examples, as a Lightning Made, is made from scratch with a two hour limit. After two hours, any work is cleaned up from marks and is posted as-is.

Fonts used: Crewniverse v3, Cirno Regular
Standard: Cartamundi (ISO Coated v2 300%) Print-Ready at 600dpi (Web Version at x525 at 72ppi)

This is a "quick" study in how to roughly create a new base in order to practice basic design, font selection, and syntax. If I were to continue this, I would go further into the design, namely putting in the quote area (not unlike the MLPDCG) among other things.

Incidentally, this would run off of a modified MLPDCG system, using two units that start with one action each in a low-scale, simulated Gem War. Costs are paid by "experience", which is tracked by Bubbled Gems. Unlike MLPDCG, these Bubbled Gems are earned by defeating Threats your opponent plays (by combining said Experience Costs). Threats would have an effect and can be modified further. Once a player has six Bubbled, your opponent gains additional effects as they are now the Crystal Gems fighting against your leadership (mwahahahaha).

Also, this show loves messing with screen tones.
Disgaea Netherwar - Leaders V2 - New 9 Collage by masterage
Disgaea Netherwar - Leaders V2 - New 9 Collage
Disgaea is owned by Nippon Ichi Software. I make no claim for characters, settings, likeness, or names.
This project has no relation to any official product in any way, shape, or form.
No monetary gain has been made from these or any other IP cards.

Additionally, Mugen Souls / Guided Fate Paradox / Trillion: God of Destruction / Marl Kingdom / Soul Nomad characters are also not claimed, and follow the above.

The "new" leaders made to help balance the game's ranks a bit, though a surprising amount of them came out Staff users. I go by the official stats. This shows by how the game could be expanded.

PRAM has a rather large deck manipulation action compared to most games, but since you can draw up to five cards as part of your basic turn, she helps you get what you think you need just a little bit faster. Frost Dragon has a high (greater than 50%) chance of preventing an attack for a bit below the curve. Pram's Revenge is semi-unique in that the effect costs nothing for a powerful Evasion effect, but unlike other similar effects it is NOT permanent, and does not reactivate if she somehow is able to re-enter Revenge state.

ALEXANDER is for fast, pressure teams thanks to his free-damage evility. God Thunder does more the earlier in the turn you use it, and hits like a truck at all points but is now technically a slight bit above the curve. His Revenge effect is a one-time "Super Evility", and can deal some of the highest overall damage amounts for a Revenge... potentially.

PLUME is like a LAHARL that buffs her Peons instead, but with no upper limit. Princess Battle Move is an extremely high damage move available shockingly early, but your opponent can capitalize on the cost since each and every card is extremely valuable. Her Revenge contains a valuable draw effect, but it will mostly just counter the cost of her attack.

REVYA deals tons of chip damage every turn, even to your own units and heals almost completely on top of it. Unit management is absolutely vital. Demon Force is a brute-force way of clearing through games, but has a high curve to go along with it. However, her Revenge can permanently make Demon Force available and makes absolutely certain that it will hit.

MIABEL (which HAS shown up in Disgaea before!) is an odd sort of buffer: she's one of the only mass buffs in the game, and on top of that she makes sure that nobody will die when she does just in case they are hanging by a thread. Love Sky is well ahead of the curve, and prevents her squishy self from becoming a target, so use it against high-priority targets. Her Revenge is a one-time heal that is entirely dependent on what you're able to bring in, so it can be amazing or useless.

MARJOLY has an interesting "focus" effect, allowing her to trade in raw overall damage for a buffed single-target spell. Omega Drain is a prime example of such a spell, being exactly on the curve but hugely powerful. Her Revenge is insanely powerful (hand denial is worth a 5:1 power ratio!), and as such makes her a giant target to your opponent.

LILIEL promotes rushing down a target by keeping those rushers alive with her Evility. All-World Angel Solo is essentially right on the curve but does immense group damage. Her Revenge allows her to be able to attack multiple times (and is the only effect that gives more than one action), but she must meet the requirement to use the attack and she must target Peons first.

ALTIS has a high power ratio Evility in that drawing cards is just so stupidly powerful. Fate's Ultimate Strike is an above-curve attack that has two mostly distinct effects, so it does fit a lot of situations. Her Revenge alters the attack further, allowing a small bit of recovery.

FAUST is able to buff her Peons at the cost of her own power. Grimoire Burst is well below the curve for the damage but is almost suicidal to use. Her Revenge is a rare Peon-creation evility, and it comes out swinging... and she is still able to be in Revenge for any relevant effects afterward.
Disgaea Netherwar - Leaders V2 - Marona by masterage
Disgaea Netherwar - Leaders V2 - Marona
Disgaea is owned by Nippon Ichi Software. I make no claim for characters, settings, likeness, or names.
This project has no relation to any official product in any way, shape, or form.

Celebrating Phantom Brave PC Pre-Order on Steam!~

Marona, true to summoner form, allows you to summon new Peons and is in fact the only Leader able to do so as a basic ability. Since total destruction is the sole win condition, this means she can stretch the game out, and becomes a massive target in the process. But maybe you can use it as a way to gain absurd amounts of Revenge Tokens and Inheritance?

Her attack allows her to give an emergency buff to an ally Peon in essentially any Lane, but doesn't pack a punch. Also, it does make her weaker after the attack is used, possibly even inflicting a self-inflicted KO.

Her Revenge takes all available tokens for a PERMANENT improvement to her evility, allowing the new Peons she summons to be quite beefier and more immediate threats.

Cards increased to 260.
Slightly bigger cost images.
Slightly improved text.
Disgaea Netherworld - Leaders V2 - Laharl by masterage
Disgaea Netherworld - Leaders V2 - Laharl
Disgaea is owned by Nippon Ichi Software. I make no claim for characters, settings, likeness, or names.
This project has no relation to any official product in any way, shape, or form.


Leaders v2 are mostly subtle tweaks and changes, but there are a few highlights:
* Cards are now in printsafe ISO Coated v2 300%, 600dpi in original form. Card renders and online images remain the same size.
* Height normalization - Characters are now 78 millimeters in height. "Short" characters are 76.5 Millimeters.
* Evilities are now unique.
* Specials are now Attacks for syntax clarity
* Element icons have been redone and are FAR clearer and more vivid.
* Improved text fields, especially Titles.
* Attack Cost Pass - Local players were complaining about certain characters taking too long to start. Overall, the amount of additional ranks a Leader needs to attack has gone from 5 to 4.
* Revenge Icons now list how many Tokens they consume. Revenge tokens are removed at the end of the owners turn, and if there are no token at the end of the owner's turn the unit leaves the Revenge state. In Laharl's case, his special effect will consume ALL of his tokens, which means he only gets a one turn revenge if he uses it.


Also, I'm adding nine other Leader units, raising the total planned card count. This is to add more variety in Primary ranks, and to add more Females (was above a 2:1 ratio).

Finals are now over, so back to reguarly scheduled programming...

Which includes a new Disgaea Leader Base. Redesign to take some of the blank space out, since the old half-commits to having four lines worth of space and never uses it.
Basically, I'm still trying to tie MCs to playstyles, though people can always use their favorites and still build a reasonable deck.
  • Pet Slots. Each MC can have two Pets placed (either by you or by your rival) at a time. Fluttershy gets an additional slot because it's Fluttershy (since her ability is not always beneficial...well, technically an extra slot can also work against her but she has tools).
  • Crystal mechanic. Cards that leave play without being played can still have effects. Starts Series 2.
  • Rainbow Elements. Crux of the subset is that they can't be countered and their support destroys counters. Instead of introducing a new card type, instead I'll be creating a subsection of Element as their overall function is the same: be super-powerful. Series 4. (Why Hasbro Why)
  • Villains Refocusing. Villains are more specialized in what they do (all Villains can still Mill somewhat, but only NMM specializes in it). This leads to lowered costs across the board. Villain group cards will be a bit more generic, with a slight Mill distinction. Neutrals get "anti-Villain" effects, reducing power for Villains on certain Neutral cards. Villains may rest and Work, but with additional costs. Also considered is that Villains will have the largest overall group.
  • Trixie Lulamoon: Bit Manipulation. A bit of a threshold type, as her early game cards are small-scale and her lategame is large-scale. Has a Unique-scale Earner.
  • Nightmare Moon: Fear (face-down). The best overall mill cards, and has additional choice with Princess Luna cards later.
  • > Discord: Chaos (keeps the mechanic, but scaled way back, and they take up Pet slots). The most versatile of the Villains.
  • > Queen Chrysalis: Copy. Much higher skillcap than other Villains. 3rd best Mill *and* Discard.
  • > Sunset Shimmer: Enrage. Increases Costs for rivals and decreases costs for herself, allowing her to play bombs normally Ramp/Bits only has access to.
  • > King Sombra: Destruction. Has the best discard cards and can combo using them. Crystal mechanic user.
  • > Flimflam Brothers: Anti-Ramp. Skilled manipulators of zones.
  • > Lord Tirek: Theft. King of Counters, and successful counters play the card for himself right then and there.
  • > Mane-iac Mayhem: Likely the overall weakest Villain, but has a surprisingly large cardpool since she counts as [Extra]. Has a unique-scale Earner.
  • > Starlight Glimmer: Manipulation. Split between "normalizing effects" and deck shenanigans. Her best card seals away your rival's cards until their deck runs out or the effect is dispelled.
The MCs with Series 1: Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Spike, Princess Celestia, Trixie Lulamoon, Nightmare Moon, Mayor Mare, and Derpy Hooves. (12)
The MCs with Series 2: Applebloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, DJ-Pon3, and Big MacIntosh. (10)
The MCs with Series 3: Twilight Sparkle (Princess), Zecora, King Sombra, Lyra Heartstrings, and Granny Smith. (5) Maybe Sunset Shimmer.
The MCs with Series 4: Spitfire, Flimflam Brothers, Lord Tirek, Mane-iac Mayhem, Octavia, and Dr. Hooves. (6)
The MCs with Series 5: Starlight Glimmer, Cutie Mark Crusaders (Realized), whoever else shows up (2?)

If an MC shows up late (Luna in S2 and Spitfire in S4, for example) material will be used from previous seasons to help fill in the gap. This prevents me releasing cards for units before they are ready, which was a major problem with the game as a whole.

Groups remain the same: Mane 6, Royal, CMC, Villain, Dragon, and Extra.

  • Pinkie Pie's [counter] mechanic now has a way out (or counterplay), namely that each of hers will allow your rival to spend an action and time (and in this game, time is represented by the deck) resulting in additional mill costs. Any other [counter] mechanics will add other costs and will have similar counterplay. This is an obvious nerf but a necessary one.
  • Flipping face down is now called Fear. It's still Nightmare Moon's specialty. More of a wording change.
  • Spike still has the [Hoard] mechanic, but now there's an extra feature: If he has it, he gains [Group: Extra] or [Group: Villain] depending on cards. He's still the "Trick King" and I'm fully intending the weird interaction he will have with Queen Chrysalis.
  • Gilda's a Pet now.
  • CMC's MCs will not be modified in light of S5. Instead, the spoiler will be a "fourth" CMC member but is actually the trio with a new effect.

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I pretty much live under the clause of Fair Use. Educational? I'm certainly learning from mocking up the cards, so I can GET said job.

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In 2-3 years, my webcomic might be able to have enough for a card game. You are still the one who has my eye in helping me out with that project. It will be silly and ambitious as you know how I can be. That is if you want to and if you remember our time in MLPCCG as friends. In fact, I can chat with you about the fuzzy details whenever you like; PM or what have you. I'm also weighing the possibility of a pay-to-read novelette series next to my comic.

Plenty of old online friends drift off but no way I'm going to let a sharp mind like yours slip off my radar. We'll speak again soon.
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I don't think I hate anyone that's helped me with that project, really o.o

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So yeah, send a PM so we can catch up.
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New rulebook is being made (had to wait for more updated cards, after all), but here's the Getting Started page on the site.

LapisRabbitComics Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Professional Artist
THanks :D I look forward to printing these out and playing :)
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