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Hi there!

Let's see... what's happened?

Well, first and foremost I just got a job, but not with cards. Oh, and I had to assist with some family issues, too...

Anyway, seems that a good amount of the card stuff is put on hold. I don't even have the real time to mess with the website.

Also, here's some design-stuff from the previous projects and where they are now

  • Unofficial MLPDCG: Pretty much shuttered indefinitely, if you're just reading the page for some reason. The official game (of which I had zero involvement, sorry) is out. While I have some criticisms (namely that it's a very slightly tweaked Star Trek CCG 2nd Edition), it really doesn't matter so long as people play it. Then again, the Hasbro execs are slowly killing the show and the writers can only do so much to keep it afloat themselves.
  • League of Legends DCG: While I did manage to fix the "burst beats all" situation, the game is still quite complex and not very user friendly... sorta like an actual MOBA. The "knowledge" requirement in particular is still far too high for it to work as a card game, and while I would like to revisit the concept in the future it would be an enormous undertaking.
  • Alternis: Well, I do still want to try and get this out there, but there's the snowballing concerns and having matches being somewhat decided before games begin (and that's even after taking out Location Effects). This will be slow going, and updates will be few and far between, but I will eventually get this done. Just... Soon.
Also, Transistor is fantastic and I really want to make a One Shot CCG for it...
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  • Playing: Transistor
So very, very sick. At least Tabletop Simulator now has a deck-building tool, so odds are you'll see a render of my works on there soon enough.

I need to get back into the flow of work.


Anyway, Alternis is actually going pretty well. It seems to perform solidly at the internal level and all that's left is to flesh out some classes mechanically and set some baselines.

Planning on ten classes in the first full version of the game 

Class cards all have an attack and a passive effect that works while the card is loaded. Here's some examples:

Steady Strike
A - 1: Deal three damage.
P - Unit has +3 Max Health.

When a card is Unloaded, the passive goes away, so using Steady Strike as an attack or as a cost will remove the health buff until it is Reloaded. However, in this game, when you gain Max Health, you heal for that much (like Lulu's ultimate in League of Legends). So spending it is a risk but has a reward (+Max Health is exclusive to the Knight class).
A - P4: Deal nine damage. If this KOs a Unit, reload Assassinate.
P - When Unloaded, your opponent discards a card.

This card is the highest cost in the game, Unloading itself and four other Class cards attached to the unit to work. Like in MLPDCG, though, Unloading a card doesn't remove it from play; it stays put. It isn't even possible to play this card turn one, as at the beginning of the game you can only attach three cards to a unit. Primary Class gets two card limit, Secondary Class gets one card. Both amounts increase by one for each Location under your control, so it goes 3/2 (the lowest amount you can play this card, at the cost of spending every single card on the unit), then 4/3 and then 5/4 when you have three Locations. Also, this card illustrates that passives may have their own activation, such as when they're spent or when they're reloaded, or as a result of other actions.

P4 means that Assassinate must be a part of your Primary Class to work.

Units in this game normally have a Max Health of 10... so Assassinate is almost a sure-kill card. Though with the game's powerful revival effects, you have to both choose the correct target, and Assassinate with the correct timing or risk putting the Thief out to dry.
Dimensional Mastery
A - 2: Lower the Dimension Die by one. If this would cause a Dimensional Shift, it happens immediately and the turn continues.
P - On a Dimensional Shift, draw an additional card.

Dimensional Shifts are a primary game mechanic. Ordinarily you can only play one class card per turn and you can't change classes on a unit, but when a Shift occurs, both players immediately draw up to seven cards (to put their hands at seven) and may play as many cards as they can. If a class is replaced at this time (remember, there are Primary and Secondary) or if a Primary Class becomes a Secondary, all the cards that would be sent to the discard pile are shuffled into the deck. The Die normally counts down at the end of each turn, but this card is the only one that would allow that would allow a Shift mid turn.
Miracle Elixir
A - P3: Revive target friendly KOed unit at any Location with seven health at this unit's Location.
P - Whenever this unit heals another friendly unit, draw a card.

This is the revival effects that other revival effects are measured against. Miracle Elixir can turn a losing battle into a winning one in the blink of an eye, and can cause your opponent to shift their focus from they battle they just "won" to a battle that has their units likely outnumbered. This does have a few drawbacks, though: you lose the revived unit's presence in their old Location (unless ou didn't move them) which could mean a Location captured by your opponent. It also has a high opportunity cost in that you have to have a Primary Herbalist use it and unload most of the unit cards in doing so.

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Card Maker... ish. I wouldn't mind it as my job, but for that I've got to get my BFA.

I pretty much live under the clause of Fair Use. Educational? I'm certainly learning from mocking up the cards, so I can GET said job.

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LapisRabbitComics Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Professional Artist
My I have a link to the rules?
masterage Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
New rulebook is being made (had to wait for more updated cards, after all), but here's the Getting Started page on the site.

LapisRabbitComics Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Professional Artist
THanks :D I look forward to printing these out and playing :)
masterage Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Now, there will be new decks to print that use these particular cards.
Foundreve Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
MLP Card Game? Do elaborate.
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